Property Tax Bill Delayed Schedule

The City of Elkton usually mails property tax bills by October 1st each year. The City receives property value and property owner information from the Todd County Property Valuation Administrator’s Office typically in September. Bills are mailed to the property owner as of January 1st, or the current owner, according to the records of the Property Valuation Administrator’s Office.  However, due to COVID-19, property tax bills for 2020 will not be mailed until November 1st and deadlines have been adjusted by one month as indicated below: 

2020 Due Dates:
The bill will show four different due dates and payment amounts.  The due dates and amounts due are as follows:

Received or postmarked by:
11/30/20 – Face value – 2% discount
01/31 /21 – Face value
02/28/21 – Face value + 2% penalty
03/3/21 – Face value + 10% penalty Beginning 03/01 – Face value + 10% penalty + 12% interest + $5 advertising fee