The city of Elkton maintains various city owned and maintained streets in the city limits of Elkton.  There are also some other streets in the city limits that are owned and maintained by the state or county.  An example of some state maintained roads include Highway 181 North and South (North and South Main Street) and Highway 68 Business East and West (East and West Main Street).

The city recently prepared guidelines for snow removal from city maintained streets.  The city has limited resources to remove snow, but will make every effort to clear city streets based on these guidelines outlined in the Snow Removal Plan below.  

The city also recently prepared guidelines for brush pickup to make it clear to the citizens the process that will be followed to help citizens with removal of small limbs and brush.  See the Brush Pickup Guidelines below.


Brush Pickup Guidelines

After the heavy snows and ice of winter, Elkton Utility Department began picking up branches, as a favor to property owners.  We wish to commend the workers for their kindness.  Brush pick-up has not been an authorized service offered by the City of Elkton, but we would like to help out our citizens as much as we can. In order to do so, City Hall and the Utility Department need to set guidelines to better serve you and to set realistic expectations for brush pick-up given our limited resources.


  1. If  you hire a professional is clearing your property of trees or shrubs, make arrangements with the professional to take care of the debris as a part of the deal. The City does not have the equipment or man power to handle large brush piles, heavy limbs, root balls, or logs.
  2. Brush piles must be manageable. Bundle limbs or brush with rope or twine, no longer than 6 feet and no higher than 2 feet. The weight should not exceed 40 pounds. For example, bundles should fit in the bed of a pick-up truck and easily handled by one man.
  3. Smaller limbs, twigs, or vines need to be bagged. If you want to be green, use the paper bags designed for yard waste. These bags can be purchased at hardware stores and usually come in a bundle of five bags.
  4. Don’t mix leaves and brush together. They are two different pics-ups. The vacuum on the leaf truck can’t handle the twigs and branches and the men taking care of the brush can’t get the leaves.
  5. If trees or large limbs fall on the City’s right of way, for example, after an ice storm, the State will clear the right of way on all the Main Streets (State Hwy 181 and US 68/80), and Allensville Street ( State Hwy 102). The City will clear all other city streets.  If it’s at night, they may push it out of the way and come back in the daylight hours to remove it.  Please call Dispatch 270.265.2501 or City Hall 270.265.9877 (business hours only) if there is a blocked right of way on one of these streets.

A resident will be in violation if:

  • Brush pile blocks the traffic view of the street.
  • Brush piles is placed near mailboxes, in parking spaces, or on top of water meters.
  • If the brush contains non-brush material and it will not be picked up.
  • If brush contains logs, heavy limbs, or root balls and it will not be picked up.
  • If the brush pile is a jumbles heap of debris and it will not be picked


To have your brush picked up, please, notify City Hall, 270.265.9877. Leave your name, a daytime phone number, and the address of service when you call. Knowing where to go saves time and expense.



Snow Removal Plan 


In an effort to inform our citizens and prioritize street snow removal, the city hereby adopts a snow removal plan. Our main priority is safety for all and allowing work access for our citizens.

Routes used by Todd County Emergency Services, Elkton Police Department and the Todd County Courthouse are priorities. Secondly, connector streets will be cleared which allow citizens the greatest access to public roads.  And thirdly, streets which are connecting streets within neighborhoods will be cleared.
Snow removal and ice control will typically commence when:

  • Snow accumulation of 4” or more.
  • Only when weather conditions do not endanger the safety of city employees and equipment. Factors that may delay snow and ice removal include severe cold, significant wind, and limited visibility.
  • The time of snowfall in relationship to heavy use of streets. For example, if the snowfall occurs on the weekend or a holiday and is not considered a threat to public safety, snow and ice removal may take place on the next normal workday.  Budget restraints may also delay removal over weekends and holidays in order to keep overtime to a minimum.
  • Snow and ice may be left on roadways if melting is determined to be eminent.

We also request your help and cooperation during snow and ice removal and ask that you follow these simple suggestions:

  • Please limit travel during storms to trips that are necessary. This will allow road crews to clear streets in a timelier manner.  Once roads have been cleared and/or salted, the potential for accidents is greatly reduced.
  • Do not plow snow from your driveway or walk ways into the road. Please pile the snow in your yard. Remember, you are also responsible for your snow removal contractor’s actions.
  • Please park your vehicles in your driveways and off the road or walkways.
  • Please keep sidewalks adjacent to your property clear of snow and ice.
  • Please remember, when snow is removed from the street, the plows will throw the snow to the side and into driveways. There is no way to clear the streets without this inconvenience.  Snow plows are designed to remove snow from the roadway to the edge of the road. Residents are responsible for removing this snow from their driveways.

The state, county and city all have responsibility to clear certain streets within the city limits.  The streets that are the responsibility of the state or county are as follows:

  • North and South Main Street (Highway 181)
  • East and West Main Street (Business 68)
  • Allensville Street (Highway 104)

The following streets will be cleared in cooperation with the county:

  • Pond River Road (connecting street)
  • Elk Fork Road (industry connecting street)
  • Garth Lane (bus garage and convenience center)

The city is responsible for clearing streets that have been adopted by the city for maintenance. These streets will be cleared in the following order:

Route One

  • Morningside Drive (nursing home)
  • Goebel Avenue (emergency route)
  • East Washington Street (court house, east west connecting street)
  • Public Square Parking (business district)
  • Sunset Drive (east south connecting street)
  • South Streets Avenue (connecting street)
  • College and Marion Street (neighborhood connecting street)
  • West McReynolds Drive through East McReynolds Drive (health department and jail)
  • Dunheath Drive (neighborhood connecting street)
  • Howard Cr

Route Two

  • Don Drive down West Shelby and Bradley Avenue (neighborhood connecting street)
  • East Jefferson Street to Perry Street (neighborhood connecting street)