Property Tax


City Payment Portal Online Payment of City of Elkton Property Taxes and Fire Department Memberships

  • For City Property Taxes you will need the following information from your bill – Property Owner Name, Property Address, Bill Number, and Tax Year

Convenience Fees – For City (Non-Utility) Payments – There will be a convenience fee of 2.75% plus $0.25 added to all payments made by credit or debit card. There is no fee for payment by e-checks.


Mailing Dates:
The City usually mails property tax bills by October 1st each year. The City receives property value and property owner information from the Todd County Property Valuation Administrator’s Office typically in September. Bills are mailed to the property owner as of January 1st, or the current owner, according to the records of the Property Valuation Administrator’s Office. If you are not the current owner please call or forward this bill to the owner if possible. If this is not possible, please notify City Hall.


Due Dates:
The bill will show four different due dates and payment amounts.  The due dates and amounts due are as follows:

Received or postmarked by:
10/31 – Face value – 2% discount
12/31 – Face value 
01/31 – Face value + 2% penalty
02/28 – Face value + 10% penalty
Beginning 03/01 – Face value + 10% penalty + 12% interest + $5 advertising fee

Our office recognizes postmarks as evidence of timely payment. Collection dates and penalty amounts are set by ordinance. Our office has no authority to negotiate these matters. However, if one of these dates falls on a weekend or observed holiday and City Hall is closed, we will honor payments without penalty on the following work day.


What if I haven’t received a tax bill?
If you have not received your tax bill after the first week of October, please contact our office and a duplicate bill will be sent to you promptly.  You may also check with your bank or mortgage company to see if the tax bill was mailed directly to them.


How was my tax calculated?
The property tax bill lists the assessed value of your property, the tax rate that was applied by the City. Pay only the single amount listed in the “If Paid By” areas at the bottom right of your bill and on your payment stub. If you have a question about how much you owe, please call City Hall at 270-265-9877 and we will give you the correct amount due.


What if I bought or sold the property during this year?
The seller usually pays a pro-rated tax during closing for the portion of the year they owned the property. The buyer is then responsible to pay the entire tax amount when billed. If you are in doubt, refer to your closing settlement statement.


What are Homestead and Disability exemptions?
These exemptions can reduce your taxable assessment. The homestead exemption applies to people over 65 who own the home in which they live. The disability exemption applies to people who are totally disabled and own the home in which they live. If you think you might qualify for either of these exemptions and you are not already receiving the exemption, call the Todd County Property Valuation Administrator’s Office at 270-265-9966.


When is my payment due?
There is a schedule at the bottom right of your tax bill, showing the amount that is due, depending on the date your payment is received. As you can see, if your payment is received in City Hall by the earliest date shown, you will receive a 2 percent discount. Please note that the later you wait to pay, the higher the amount due.


How do I make a payment?
There are three convenient methods to pay your property tax bill. By mailing your tax bill to:

Elkton City Hall
PO Box 578
Elkton, KY 42220

Pay in person at Elkton City Hall at 71 Public Square.

Pay online at the “City Payment Portal.” Convenience Fees – For City (Non-Utility) Payments – There will be a convenience fee of 2.75% plus $0.25 added to all payments made by credit or debit card. There is no fee for payment by e-checks.


Will I get a receipt?
If you pay by mail and would like a receipt, please include a self addressed stamped envelope and we will return a paid receipt to you. If you are a walk in customer or pay online, a receipt will be provided to you.


May I pay several bills with one payment?
Yes. However, if you do, please check to be sure you’ve added all the appropriate amounts correctly, so your payments will not be delayed in processing. Please remember to include a copy of your bills for each property bill you pay.


Delinquent Tax Bills:
Pursuant to KRS 424.130, the City of Elkton publishes a list of names of all delinquent property taxpayers once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks. For each name that is published, a fee of $5.00 will be added to the delinquent property tax bill to offset the cost of publication.  Any questions shall be directed to Elkton City Hall, 71 Public Square, PO Box 578, Elkton, Kentucky or by phone at 270-265-9877 during normal business hours of Monday-Friday; 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.