The City of Elkton is proud to have some of the most qualified and professional police officers in Kentucky. All of the officers are certified peace officers by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This honor is given to officers in Kentucky who meet the “Peace Officer Professional Standards” set out by the Kentucky Revised Statutes 15.382…15.402.



73 Public Square
PO Box 578
Elkton, Ky 42220

Phone: 270.265.9879
Fax: 270.265.5816




Chief of Police Robert Toombs
E-mail: rtoombs@elktonky.com

Police Sergeant Rodney Moberly
E-mail: rmoberly@elktonky.com

Police Officer Josh Corn
E-mail: jcorn@elktonky.com

Police Officer Keilo Jefferson
E-mail: kjefferson@elktonky.com

Police Officer/Evidence Custodian Jakop Smith
E-mail: jsmith@elktonky.com

Police Officer John Webb
E-mail: jwebb@elktonky.com

Police Officer John “Ed” Higgins (School Resource Officer)
E-mail: jhiggins@elktonky.com

Police Records Clerk Megan Willenborg
E-mail: mwillenborg@elktonky.com



Download and Print Police Department Application for Employment