Elkton Businesses


(Please call each location for business hours)

Billy Goat Hill

Physical Address: 21 Public Square
Business Phone: 270-429-1028
Items for sale: Beef products, cheese, Ice Cream, and more

Coffman Lighting and Home Decor
Physical Address: 2200 Business 68
Business Phone: 270-265-2440
Items for sale: Lighting fixtures

Country Garden Nursery
Physical Address: 1309 Olmstead Rd (¼ mile from 68/80)
Business Phone: 270-265-2266
Items for sale: plants, shrubs, concrete statuary, landscaping service/material and gift shop

Gist’s Flowers
Physical Address: 103 East Main St
Business Phone: 270-265-2515
Items for sale: Flower arrangements and gifts.

Hip Harvest
Physical Address: 41 Public Square
Items for sale: Harvesting Kentucky made products and other unique gifts.
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Latham’s Fabric and More
Physical Address: 40 Public Square
Business Phone: 270-265-0005
Items for Sale: Alterations, sewing supplies, gifts, pocket knives, watches, cemetery flowers and much more!

Nancy’s Flowers and Gifts
Physical Address: 101 North Main Street
Business Phone: 270-265-5987
Items for Sale: Silk designs, fresh flowers, house plants, gift items, much more!

Nearly New Too Elkton Thrift Shop
Physical Address: 62 Public Square
Business Phone: 270-883-5915
Items for sale: Used clothing, home decor, and more.

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Prim & Proper Boutique
Physical Address: 106 S Main St
Business Phone: 270-604-4013
Items for sale: Wide variety of trendy and sophisticated clothing, gifts, and decor.
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The Purple Daizi Day Spa and Salon
Physical Address: 63 Public Square
Business Phone: 270-265-5245
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Something Special
Physical Address: 84 Public Square
Business Phone: 270-265-2887
Items for sale: Large selection of baby/bridal gifts, candles, dishes, floral.  Annual Christmas Open House with refreshments, sales and more on the first Sunday in November.
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Sweet Caroline’s Boutique
Physical Address: 64 Public Square
Business Phone: 270-604-8051
Hours: T-Thur 10 am -5 pm; Fri 10 am -6 pm; and Sat 10 am – 3 pm
Offering affordable Women and Children’s Boutique Clothing.
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Under the Sun
Physical Address: 211 N Main St
Business Phone: 270-495-5680
Items for sale: Tanning Salon and Supplies
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(Please call each location for business hours)

Dairy Queen

Physical Address: 625 West Main St
Business Phone: 270-265-9040
Items for sale: Ice Cream, Fast Food

El Torito
Physical Address: 54 Public Square
Business Phone: 270-265-3904
Items for sale: Mexican Restaurant

Five Star Foodmart
Physical Address: 302 West Main Street
Business Phone: 270-265-5991
Items for sale: Convenience store, fresh foods for breakfast, lunch and anytime, hot beverages, and more.

Food Giant Deli
Physical Address: 203 West Main St
Business Phone: 270-265-2456
Items for sale: Groceries, household items, pizza, Deli Plates, Sandwiches, Salads

Hampton’s Dairy Mart
Family Business Open Since 1960
Physical Address: 528 West Main Street
Business Phone: 270-265-2011
Items for Sale: Burgers, fries, subs, pizza, various sandwiches, drinks, milkshakes, sundaes, etc.

L&R Soda Bar
Physical Address: 22 Public Square
Items for sale: Prescriptions, Gift Shop, Candles, Cards.  L&R Soda Bar has ice cream, floats, banana splits, brownies, all kinds of desserts!  Sandwiches, soups, salads and daily specials.
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Lighthouse Coffee and Café
Physical Address: 809 S Main St
Business Phone: 270-878-0057
Items for Sale: Serving specialty coffee drinks such as cappuccinos, espressos, frappuccinos and lattes. In addition to these drinks, pastries, donuts, sandwiches and daily lunch specials will be available for dine in or to go orders.
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Maxfuel Xpress/BP Deli
Physical Address: 207 West Main Street
Business Phone: 270-265-5962
Items for sale: Convenience store, breakfast sandwiches, Hunt Brothers Pizza, and more.

Ms. Lisa’s Home Cooking Town Grill
Physical Address: 22 Public Square
Business Phone: 270-604-8009
Items for sale: Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Daily lunch and dinner specials.

The Pizza Place
Physical Address: 14 Public Square
Business Phone: 270-265-5859
Items for sale: Take out pizza and delivery, sandwiches
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The Spot Restaurant
Physical Address: 107 N Main St
Business Phone: 270-985-0398
Items for sale: Family restaurant with home cooking
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Physical Address: 20 Public Square
Business Phone: 270-265-5929
Items for sale: Subs, salads, sandwich boxes and trays.


(Please call each location for business hours)

Haley Do It Best Hardware
Physical Address: 206 E Main Street
Business Hours: Monday-Saturday
Business Phone: 270-265-5619

Website: Haley Do It Best Hardware

Hearthstone Place Long Term Care
Physical Address: 506 Allensville Street
Business Phone: 270.265.5321
Website: Bolster-Jeffries.com
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Kinney’s Service Center
Family Run Business Since 1965
Physical Address: 506 West Main Street
Business Phone: 270-265-5219
Service: Call for appointments or walk-ins welcome. Automobile maintenance and auto detail. David Miller owner/operator.

Latham Funeral Home
Physical Address: 413 East Main Street
Website: www.lathamfuneralhome.com

Michele’s Paws and Claws
Physical Address: 102 Lincoln Lane (alley off Public Square next to BR Knuckles Insurance)
Business Phone: 270-719-0620
Description: Pet grooming. Please call for an appointment. Walk-ins welcome before Noon. No pets held overnight.

Quality Web Printing
Physical Address: 101 Commerce Street
Business Phone: 270-265-0118 or toll-free at 877-220-9446
Website: qualitywebprinting.net

Todd County Funeral Home
Physical Address: 402 East Main Street
Website: www.toddcountyfuneralhome.com

Todd County Public Library
Physical Address: 302 East Main Street
Business Hours: Mon-9:00am-7:00pm; Tu-Thur-Fri-9:00am – 5:00pm; Wed-9:00am-2:00pm; Sat-9:00am-1:00pm
Business Phone: 270-265-9071
Email: toddcountyof@bellsouth.net
400 Mile Sale: Books, tapes, videos, old computer monitors, puzzles, CDs, clothes, shoes, toys, figurines, etc.

Todd County Standard Newspaper
Physical Address: 41 Public Square
Business Phone: 270-265-2439
Website: Todd County Standard

Weather’s Drugs
In Operation Since 1875
Physical Address: 22 Public Square
Items for sale: Prescriptions, Gift Shop, Candles, Card and More.
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Cornerstone Real Estate and Auction
Physical Address: 707 West Main St
Business Phone: 270-265-9744 or toll free at 866-504-CREA
Website: www.cornerstoneforyou.com

Mid-South Real Estate and Auction
Physical Address: 62 Public Square
Business Phone: 270-265-0333

Power Real Estate and Auction
Physical Address: 201 S. Main St.
Business Phone: 270-265-5067



Elkton Bank and Trust Co.
Physical Address: Public Square
Business Phone: 270-265-9841
Website: http://www.elktonbankandtrust.com

First Financial Bank
Physical Address: 536 W. Main St

Business Phone: 270-265-5628

Website: http://first.online.bank

United Southern Bank
Physical Address: 808 S. Main St
Business Phone: 270-265-2585
Website: http://www.usbky.com/