Planning and Zoning


The Elkton Planning Commission was created in 1985 and carries out the powers and functions established in the Elkton Zoning Ordinance and KRS Chapter 100.

Download and View: Chapter 151 Zoning Ordinance


Amending Ordinances Not Yet Codified in Above Ordinance:



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Development Plan Guidelines

Landscape Guidelines Addendum



Subdivision Regulations

The Elkton Planning Commission adopted Subdivision Regulations in August 2008. In addition, the Commission extended these Subdivision Regulations outside the city limits of Elkton as provided for in KRS 100.131. This area of “extraterritorial jurisdiction” is depicted on a map adopted by the Commission and dated February 12, 2009 and is on file in Elkton City Hall and in the Todd County Clerk’s Office.

Download and View: Elkton Subdivision Regulations

Comprehensive Plan

In July 2012, the City of Elkton and Elkton Planning Commission contracted with the Pennyrile Area Development District for the update of the Comprehensive Plan for the city of Elkton.  The Plan was officially adopted by the Planning Commission on February 28, 2013.  You can view the official Comprehensive Plan documents at Elkton City Hall during regular business hours or download and view below.

Download and View: Elkton Comprehensive Plan

Zoning Permit and Other Applications

The Zoning Ordinance requires a Zoning Permit for various construction projects performed in the city, including additions to existing structures, new construction, construction or placement of storage buildings, and more.  Please review the Zoning Ordinance or contact Elkton City Hall at 270-265-9877.

Zoning Permit Application

Request for Dimensional Variance Application

Request for Conditional Use Permit Application

Application Zoning Map or Text Amendment